Tomography and X-rays

In addition to the non-destructive testing provided by BEAMIT Group, PRES-X offers customers tomography and X-ray services. All these tests are performed with a complete focus on the customer’s requirements and specifications.

X-ray analysis

X-ray analysis is perfectly suited to detecting and localizing any possible defects, such as surface discontinuities, porosity, cracks, areas where powders have failed to fuse or powder lodged in components with complex geometries.
By adding the X-ray analysis conducted by XLab, we guarantee a comprehensive service for components across the entire production chain from the design phase through to series production.


Industrial tomography is invaluable when components with complex geometries are too difficult to inspect with traditional X-ray analysis.
Although based on the use of X-ray images, this process enables internal defect detection and dimensional control to be conducted together in just one inspection to check that a component conforms to its design.
This technique is used to produce a 3D model of the entire component which also includes its internal geometries.

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