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PRES-X participates in the Boost4BSO project for business digitization

PRES-X participates in the BOOST4BSO project for business digitization | PRES-X

Rubiera – 5 February

PRES-X, supported by Friuli Innovazione, has started its business digitalization process in order to fully transition towards Industry 4.0. By participating in the Boost4BSO project, the company aims to acquire methodologies and skills to optimize use of equipment already in PRES-X plants and used in production processes.

The partners of the Boost4BSO* project of Friuli Innovazione have recently visited the PRES-X plant. In this project, PRES-X is receiving one-to-one support from Friuli Innovazione for digitalization from an Industry 4.0 perspective.
The Boost4BSO project is aimed at all Business Support Organizations (BSOs) of Central European countries: science parks, clusters, incubators, DIHs, development agencies and any other key player in regional innovation ecosystems. With this initiative, co-financed by the Central Europe cooperation program, BSOs will enable improvements in the offer of services to businesses to help them develop new skills, to transition towards Industry 4.0 and to adapt their business strategy.

*Boosting Central European (CE) Business Support Organizations (BSOs) capacities for I4.0 scale up support

Project main activities

The project aims at defining of a methodology for the development of skills on Industry 4.0 and of a “toolbox”. This includes helping BSOs to support SMEs throughout their digital transformation in a practical and personalized way. The transfer will be accomplished with a pilot activity, methodology and tools also dedicated to other European organizations, ensuring their adoption on a large scale, trying to recreate an “avalanche effect”. Equally important is the evaluation of effectiveness of achievements directly with the final beneficiaries, manufacturing companies and simultaneous testing of new skills acquired by the BSOs through a European contest to reward the best.

PRES-X has a variety of equipment, such as de-powdering systems, heat treatment/hot isostatic pressing furnace, systems for precision surface finishing and material testing systems, ready for the implementation of monitoring services of the production and automation processes typical of Industry 4.0.

The project goal

Identifying an integrated platform for continuous monitoring of various processes to enable: interconnection of various systems, collection of data generated by sensors and log files of each system, traceability of treated components and collected data correlation with results obtained downstream of the quality control / materials testing lab.
This system has two main objectives: monitoring production processes with the aim of implementing strategic predictive maintenance; monitoring production steps of the individual components treated with the purpose to guarantee traceability and to certify quality.