DLyte PRO500 is the industrial solution with eight (+1) holders.
Combining the power of electrochemistry with precision mechanical movements, it provides primary axial rotation and secondary planetary rotation; it also features upwards or downwards vertical movements with a ±20 mm stroke.
The new positive pressure holder attachment system with automatic locking optimizes loading and unloading times.


Loading and unloading times are optimized by the new positive pressure holder attachment system and automatic locking system with a pneumatic attachment.

Ease of use
The design of the machine and its panels is engineered to ensure trouble-free access to individual components and absolute ease of use during operations and maintenance.

The faster, more cost-effective way to ensure the same standard of quality achieved by manual polishing and grinding processes.

The perfect solution for surface finishing high-value, delicate or complex components.

Technical specifications

Capacity (per cycle)

≤ Ø500 x 250 mm (x1) ≤ Ø200 x 250 mm (x8)

Machine dimensions

1300 x 1300 x 2480 mm

Machine weight

2000 kg


35 kW


380 – 400 VAC (3P + N + GND)

Main air pressure

6 – 7 bar (air connector: Ø 10 mm) x min. 1000l/min

Holder air pressure

6 – 7 bar (air connector: Ø 12 mm) x min. 1500l /min

The air quality must be 1.5.1 in accordance with the ISO 8573 standard. This air quality requires six-monthly maintenance (filter changes).

Our offer


Ultra-compact, versatile, and easy to use with all the advantages of DLyte.

DLyte 1I

The perfect size for Research & Development and innovation.

DLyte 10I

Designed for high-value components and precision finishes.


The top-of-the-range solution from the DLyte lab.


Compact design and high performance plus the absolute control of the PRO Series.

DLyte 10,000

The only automated surface finishing system for large and complex components.

DLyte eBlast

For targeted electropolishing and hard-to-reach surfaces.


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