DLYTE 10,000

DLyte 10,000 is the most powerful modular unit for polishing large pieces and complex geometries. The robot provides a fast, cost-effective and safe way to treat components, while the 6-axis mechanical movement makes it even easier to electropolish all surfaces. The system can be fully integrated in any production line that requires complete automation of the workflow. Ideal for applications in the Aerospace, Energy, Oil and Gas, Shipbuilding, Machinery and Food industries.


Effortlessly adapts to perform any polishing process and meet every finishing requirement.

Series production
Designed for dry electropolishing large pieces and complex designs.

DLyte 10,000 can be easily integrated in any production line that involves highly complex grinding and polishing processes.

Technical specifications

Capacity (per cycle)

750 Ø x 600 mm (piece centered on the robot axis)

Operating height

4500 mm

Operating area

5718 mm (front) x 4507 mm (side)

Flooring requirements

We recommend that the quality of the concrete complies with the requirements of the following standard: C20/25 in accordance with DIN EN 206-1:2001/DIN 1045-2:2001 for a machine weight of 7450 kg without the scaffold (950 kg)


55 kW (125A)

Power supply

380 – 400 VAC (3P + N + GND)


50 – 60 Hz

Main air supply pressure

6 – 8 bar (air connector: Ø 16 mm) Flow rate: 3000 l/min. The air quality must be 1.5.1 in accordance with the ISO 8573 standard

Distilled water

70 l. Demineralized water with conductivity lower than 5 µS/cm in compliance with ISO 3696


The machine must be installed in a well-ventilated area. If not, a forced ventilation system must be installed above the unit

Our offer


Ultra-compact, versatile, and easy to use with all the advantages of DLyte.

DLyte 1I

The perfect size for Research & Development and innovation.

DLyte 10I

Designed for high-value components and precision finishes.


The top-of-the-range solution from the DLyte lab.


Compact design and high performance plus the absolute control of the PRO Series.


The perfect high-precision DLyte finish for industrial-scale production.

DLyte eBlast

For targeted electropolishing and hard-to-reach surfaces.


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