Metal polishing machines

PRES-X is the official developer of GPAINNOVA technologies for the Italian market, and provides support for technical and economic feasibility studies, the transfer of finishing process solutions, and installation and maintenance services for machines, consumables and spare parts.

DryLyte® is the revolutionary dry super-polishing technology that makes flawless finishes attainable without compromising components’ original dimensions and geometries. The repeatable, non-abrasive electrochemical process is fully automated.

DryLyte® polishing process requires only a few simple steps:

Prepare the holder and attach the components

Position and secure the holder

Select the appropriate cycle for the component

Start the electrolyte immersion cycle

The advantages of DryLyte®

DryLyte® reduces the impact on the environment. It does not require specifically designed plants or produce special industrial waste plus it is small enough to save space on the factory floor. Water consumption is kept to a bare minimum to ensure the correct consistency of the electrolyte media, which does not require hazardous waste management for disposal. 






PRES-X customizes targeted solutions to meet any requirement across the widest range of materials. We analyze a product’s specific characteristics and develop the best solutions to ensure the ideal finishing cycle so that our clients only need to replicate it in the future.

The future of polishing starts with PRES-X: our offer

The first step when implementing this technology is to trust our team of experts. After a detailed feasibility study, we can move forwards together to study and trial samples so we can pinpoint the ideal tailor-made solution.

DLyte PRO500 and every machine in the series that uses the revolutionary DryLyte® green technology are available from PRES-X for immediate delivery.

DLyte Desktop PRO

Ultra-compact, versatile, and easy to use with all the advantages of DLyte.

DLyte 1I

The perfect size for Research & Development and innovation.

DLyte 10I

Designed for high-value components and precision finishes.

DLyte 100I

The top-of-the-range solution from the DLyte lab.

DLyte 100PRO

Compact design and high performance plus the absolute control of the PRO Series.

DLyte PRO500

The perfect high-precision DLyte finish for industrial-scale production.

DLyte 10,000

The only automated surface finishing system for large and complex components.

DLyte eBlast

For targeted electropolishing and hard-to-reach surfaces.


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