XLab - Materials laboratory

Analysis is critical for checking the quality of the materials used to produce AM components and providing information about how they perform and can be improved.
PRES-X has many years’ experience with special processes, technologies and materials, and XLab was created right at the heart of its operations: more than a mere test laboratory, XLab is a genuine center of expertise offering customers tailor-made 360° solutions with state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies.

Chemical analyses

At PRES-X, we conduct chemical analyses using the most advanced currently available machinery. Combined with methods developed by a team of specialist engineers, this machinery enables us to produce reliable, accurate results about the chemical composition of the alloys.

Metallographic and powder analyses

Metallographic analyses allow us to determine a material’s microstructure and whether materials have any defects, while powder analyses are used to determine density and the presence of any agglomerates or irregular particles which could affect the flow of the powders.

Corrosion testing

We conduct accelerated corrosion tests that simulate the environment in which a material will be used, so we can see how it will behave and gauge corrosion resistance.
PRES-X offers a wide range of possible atmospheres and salt spray testing paves the way for creating even more complex atmospheres which can be customized to meet many different application requirements.

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