Failure investigation and stress analysis

Flawlessly functioning AM components is a top priority at XLab, the laboratory in the innovative PRES-X technology center.
We conduct failure investigations and stress analysis to ensure components deliver optimum performance.

Failure investigation

When an additively manufactured component is damaged or fails to perform as designed, it is crucial that we investigate the cause of the defect or failure and transform issues into opportunities.

This is where failure investigation comes in: by harnessing the experience of specialists from multiple sectors (engineers, process and fabrication experts, and end-use industry experts), a scientific methodology and the most advanced analytic and diagnostic technologies, PRES-X helps customers to determine the root cause of a fault or failure, and promptly and scientifically recommends the corrective actions needed to prevent a reoccurrence in the future.

Stress analysis

Material transformation processes can produce stresses in AM components that often unintentionally alter a component so that it does not perform as designed, causing unexpected damage ranging from plastic deformation and crack formation to unforeseen breaks and unpredicted corrosion. Thanks to the experience of the engineers on the PRES-X team, we have the expertise to quantify the actual level of internal stress in components, obtaining vital information during the design phase and while establishing process parameters thereby reducing the risk of problems associated with this insidious occurrence.

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