PRES-X is the official developer of GPAINNOVA technologies for the Italian market, and provides support for technical and economic feasibility studies, the transfer of finishing process solutions, and installation and maintenance services for consumables and spare parts.

DryLyte® is the revolutionary super-polishing technology that enables surfaces to be perfectly polished, while maintaining components’ original dimensions and geometries. Fully automatic and repeatable, it drastically reduces cycle times, which means lower costs and better quality finishes.

DryLyte® is a green process. It does not require specifically designed plants or produce special industrial waste plus it is small enough to save space on the factory floor.

PRES-X places technological innovation in the hands of the customer, providing support for every aspect of surface finishing, process repeatability, higher quality and increased productivity

DryLyte® PRO500 and every equipment in the series that uses the revolutionary DryLyte® green technology are available from PRES-X for immediate delivery.


DLyte 100l

Perfect for treating Steel-based materials, Cobalt-Chrome, and Copper- and Nickel-based alloys group with low-frequency parameters.

DLyte PRO500

The DLyte PRO500 performs high-quality metal surface finishing more precisely, swiftly and efficiently with processing times ten times better than current technologies.

DLyte 10,000

DLyte 10,000 can be easily integrated in any production line that involves highly complex grinding and polishing processes.


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