PRES-X operates in a dynamically evolving and rapidly expanding industry. We specialize in delivering technically advanced post-processing and analysis solutions for additive and conventional manufacturing.

We are always in pursuit of innovative new solutions, and promote diversity in every team. We firmly believe that men and women with different experiences, skills and perspectives bring immense value and an effective and efficient way to manage problems. We offer our employees comprehensive training programs and on-the-job training.

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Developing long-term relationships with customers and overseeing sales.
Analyses performance, direct contact with customers, continuous improvement implementation.


It is vital that we invest in young people, particularly when we consider how recent studies of AM training have highlighted a considerable gap between the education system and the business world. 

PRES-X works with many universities for thesis projects and on-the-job training with prospects for employment. So many opportunities are offered to young people that the average age of our employees is quite young: 29 years.

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