Additive Manufacturing Quality and Monitoring Control System – AM QTOOLS – is a project funded by the European project HUBCAP in which PRES-X participated in collaboration with Kilometro Rosso and Enginsoft. Its goal is the introduction of an online quality control system dedicated to Additive Manufacturing to anticipate possible errors in the printed component.

Purpose of the project

Printing of metal components through Additive Manufacturing strictly depends on many factors; the possible oscillation of one of these can generate undesired effects that do not guarantee the expected characteristics of the part.
The nature of the components subjected to this production process is critical in terms of cost and production time, therefore PRES-X in collaboration with Kilometro Rosso and Enginsoft aims to develop a predictive model of the defects of components produced through Additive Manufacturing. By continuously monitoring the parameters of the printing machine, it will therefore be possible to understand the nature and size of an anomaly (and therefore its criticality) without having to carry out checks of a destructive or non-destructive nature.

Development of the project

Monitoring and data collection of the parameters of a printer throughout the production process of a component, through a specific software. Following this production process, the component is characterized in terms of defects (size, shape and position) through destructive and non-destructive testing, in order to define a correlation between any fluctuations in parameters and defects.


Funding body: HUBCAP

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